‘Tis the Season

Did you know that “experience” gifts are more popular than materialistic gifts? With the holiday season quickly approaching, it may be time to consider some non-traditional gifts for children, rather than filling a shopping cart from the toy isle. Don’t get me wrong, my girls love their toys too, but their love for adventure, learning and exploration trumps their toys any day.

Providing children with the gift of a getaway is great for many reasons. Children can sometimes feel left out with all the hustle and bustle that parents have to go through each day, craving that much needed attention from their parents. Booking a weekend away at our cabin resort can provide the entire family that much needed re-connection, away from technology and the everlasting to-do list.

Spending the day hiking, fishing, and playing outside creates many lasting memories that children cherish. A child’s imagination can run wild outside, as nature isn’t as structured as playing with their store bought toys. It’s also a perfect way for parents to teach children about the responsibilities of nature, preservation and conservation. We also happily loan out books to help our guests identify birds, bugs and plants they find along the way – creating a perfect educational opportunity for families.

Heading outdoors is also a wonderful way for everyone to reset their mental health. When our bodies are surrounded by nature, we are wrapped in the scents, sights and touch of nature. One of our most favourite family activities is taking a hike with our girls. We can hear the birds singing, see the beautiful variation in the textures and colours of all the plants and trees, but most importantly we can feel the healing breeze on our face and skin, like a comforting blanket on a cold night. When we return from our hike, we are rejuvenated, excited and full of happiness.

With so many options at Great Escape Cabins, a rainy day can’t even put a damper in your vacation! On a borrowing system we offer board games, books, and even craft kits for kids to do with their families. Be sure to book a family getaway at Great Escape Cabins, and it will be a gift your children will always remember!

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