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Fishing in the Fall: Top 3 Benefits

Fishing in the spring and summer is always a hit among recreational fishermen. Fishing in the fall time can certainly have its benefits too.  Read below to find out why fishing in the fall should also be considered in your annual fishing trips.

french river fishing
  1. The Colours
    During the autumn months, Northern Ontario has some of the most breathtaking displays of colour on its trees. Surrounded by this beautiful scenery while out on the water is a very tranquil experience. This also provides anglers with a great opportunity to capture some amazing photos.
  2. The Quiet
    The waterways can be very busy and chaotic in the summer months, but this quickly dissipates as fall weather sets in. Bundle up in some extra layers and enjoy the space and quiet of the open water. Less people also mean more chances to catch “the big one”.
  3. The Trophy Fish
    As the temperatures start to cool, the fish are looking to stock up on food to prepare for the winter months. This means that there are more opportunities to catch a trophy size fish. Who doesn’t want to go home with stories of reeling in a giant?!

Here at Great Escape Cabins, located along the French River, we are open year-round, providing warm and spacious cabins for our guests in all types of weather. Our waterfront cabins offer easy access to the waterways, and our boat slips make coming and going quick and simple. With quick access to the highway and surrounding amenities, our resort provides the seclusion of the north without having to worry about a long drive to restaurants, grocery stores and other essentials.

Love fishing but don’t own a boat? No problem! Here at Great Escape Cabins we offer boat rentals on a daily and weekly basis. Be sure to give us a call at 705-978-0899 to find out more. Enjoy your fishing trip!

Planning for a Cabin Vacation

See What is Supplied Already
Be sure to call ahead and see what the resort owner’s supply. Here at Great Escape Cabins we supply all the bedding, towels, toilet paper, dish soap, paper towel, and even facial tissue. However, it’s important to note that not all resorts operate this way. Some resorts request you bring your own bedding and towels, while others will supply those items. Some resorts even request you bring your own cleaning supplies. It’s important to call ahead and clarify before departing on your vacation getaway.

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Capture the Moments
In today’s modern world, everyone carries a phone. With all the beauty surrounding a cabin vacation, it’s important to remember this item, as you will want to capture all the amazing memories you create. An even more important item is your cell phone charger! When going out on a full day fishing trip, you’ll want to ensure that your phone is fully charged and ready to snap a picture of your big catch!

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Leisure Activities
Rainy day activities are important, especially with little ones in tow. Here at Great Escape Cabins, we provide a free lending library for use to our guests, including books, movies and board games. However, not all resorts offer this and therefore you may end up stuck in a boredom funk if the rain sets in. Cozy up to a nice book as you listen to the rain pitter-patter on the roof or start a board game with friends to help pass the time.

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Active Activities
Taking the family on vacation? It’s important to book a cabin at a resort that is family friendly. At Great Escape Cabins we have a 1600 sq. ft. playground, perfect for children of all ages. We also offer nature scavenger hunts, free craft kits, and age appropriate games and movies at our lending library. Children thrive in the outdoors, and love to play and immerse themselves in nature, so call ahead to ensure that the resort you are looking to reserve will be a good fit for all members of your family.

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Pet Friendly Cabin Resort
Including your furry friend in your adventures? Unfortunately, not all resorts are pet friendly. Be sure to confirm this before booking a vacation to avoid disappointment and headaches later. Here at Great Escape Cabins, we are a pet friendly resort. We simply request that owner’s keep their dogs on a leash at all times while outside, and clean up after their pet. We charge a small daily fee to cover extra cleaning costs. Before booking a resort, ask about their pet policy and what it includes.

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Resort owners don’t mind the phone calls filled with questions. It’s best to always double check! Have questions about your cabin vacation at Great Escape Cabins? Give us a call at 705-978-0899

Top 10 Places to Discover This Summer

The sheer beauty of the area is enough to make any visitor remember their trip for years to come, but what really stands out the most? We’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Places to Discover this Summer. Be sure to share your thoughts on this list and let us know if there are any great places, or things, we’ve missed.

1.French River Visitor’s Centre
The French River Visitor’s Centre is an iconic tourist spot as it showcases the history of the cultures – First Nation, French and English, and how they lived, worked and travelled the waterways. The French River was an integral pathway for the fur trade, explorers and voyageurs alike. The Centre is open 7 days a week in the summer, from 9 am to 5 pm.
Distance from Great Escape Cabins: 5.6km (8 min. drive)

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2. French River Trading Post and Hungry Bear Restaurant
The French River Trading Post offers everything from clothing and giftware to moccasins, and First Nation artwork. They are also the spot to find the best fudge around! Next-door is the Hungry Bear Restaurant, with meal options for any appetite, as well as ice cream and sundaes. They have indoor and outdoor seating options, plenty of parking for larger vehicles and RV’s, as well as a pet-friendly area.
Distance from Great Escape Cabins: 6km (7 min. drive)

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3. The Backstreet Gallery
The Backstreet Gallery is an art-lover’s dream. Local First Nation, Francophone and Anglophone artists and artisans display and sell their work. The Backstreet Gallery is filled with such a variety of artwork, and there’s something for everyone!
Distance from Great Escape Cabins: 22km (21 min. drive)

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4. Mashkinonje Provincial Park
Mashkinonje Provincial Park is unlike any other provincial park as it is free to use because it is self-guided. The park offers 10 hiking trails in stacked loops, totaling 30kms. Pack a lunch and take a break in the roofed picnic shelter. Washrooms are also on-site.
Distance from Great Escape Cabins: 43km (34 min. drive)

5. The Maples Golf & Sports Club
This 9-hole golf course, with a Tri-Par layout, is set in the heart of the French River. The Maples Golf & Sports Club includes a restaurant on-site.
Distance from Great Escape Cabins: 19km (17 min. drive)

6. Noelville Driving Range
This self-serve (cash only), 300-yard driving range is perfect for those of all ages. Forgot your clubs at home?  No worries, the Noelville Driving Range has clubs available for your convenience. With a bucket of 70 balls for only $6.00, you can get plenty of practice in, while still staying on budget! Be sure to try and hit the 25 target to win a bonus bucket of 25 additional balls!
Distance from Great Escape Cabins: 26km (24 min. drive.

7. Science North
One of Northern Ontario’s most popular tourist attraction, Science North is an interactive science museum situated on the southwestern shore of Ramsey Lake. Two snowflake-shaped buildings, connected by a rock tunnel and billion-year-old geologic fault, features 4 levels of interactive science for visitors of all ages. Science North includes an IMAX theatre, planetarium, featured exhibits, as well as exhibits outside.
Distance from Great Escape Cabins: 65km (44 min. drive)

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8. Hike “The Crack” at Killarney Provincial Park
One of the most memorable hikes you will ever go on, The Crack displays the area’s white rock mountains and inland lakes. This hike is not for the faint of heart, as it requires climbing over boulders near the end of the trail. The trail is 6km, taking between 3 and 4 hours return trip. The reward at the end of this trail is the spectacular view, and it’s definitely worth the workout!
Distance from Great Escape Cabins: 85km (58 min. drive)

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9. Island Queen Cruise
Explore the famous 30,000 Islands on the Island Queen Cruise. The area represents the world’s largest freshwater archipelago. Be sure to attend the 3-hour afternoon cruise. The cruise takes you past granite shoals, into narrow channels. This area has earned itself the World Biosphere Reserve status from the United Nations. Enjoy other sightseeing spots such as the Hole in the Wall, Killbear Provincial Park and Massassauga Provincial Park, as well as the Rose Point Swing Bridge.
Distance from Great Escape Cabins: 101km (1 h 8 min. drive)

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10. Pow Wows and Festivals
There are many festivals and pow wows in the surrounding area during the summer months, including the French River Pow Wow. It is located at the French River Provincial Park’s Visitor Centre, and the French River Pow Wow is welcoming to everyone. It is free to attend and is very family friendly. Vendors are on site with handcrafted items. Enjoy the talented dancers, drummers and singers as they take part in the Grand Entry to the Ceremonial Grounds, July 6, 2019, at 12:30 pm.
Distance from Great Escape Cabins: 5.6km (8 min. drive)

‘Tis the Season

Did you know that “experience” gifts are more popular than materialistic gifts? With the holiday season quickly approaching, it may be time to consider some non-traditional gifts for children, rather than filling a shopping cart from the toy isle. Don’t get me wrong, my girls love their toys too, but their love for adventure, learning and exploration trumps their toys any day.

Providing children with the gift of a getaway is great for many reasons. Children can sometimes feel left out with all the hustle and bustle that parents have to go through each day, craving that much needed attention from their parents. Booking a weekend away at our cabin resort can provide the entire family that much needed re-connection, away from technology and the everlasting to-do list.

Spending the day hiking, fishing, and playing outside creates many lasting memories that children cherish. A child’s imagination can run wild outside, as nature isn’t as structured as playing with their store bought toys. It’s also a perfect way for parents to teach children about the responsibilities of nature, preservation and conservation. We also happily loan out books to help our guests identify birds, bugs and plants they find along the way – creating a perfect educational opportunity for families.

Heading outdoors is also a wonderful way for everyone to reset their mental health. When our bodies are surrounded by nature, we are wrapped in the scents, sights and touch of nature. One of our most favourite family activities is taking a hike with our girls. We can hear the birds singing, see the beautiful variation in the textures and colours of all the plants and trees, but most importantly we can feel the healing breeze on our face and skin, like a comforting blanket on a cold night. When we return from our hike, we are rejuvenated, excited and full of happiness.

With so many options at Great Escape Cabins, a rainy day can’t even put a damper in your vacation! On a borrowing system we offer board games, books, and even craft kits for kids to do with their families. Be sure to book a family getaway at Great Escape Cabins, and it will be a gift your children will always remember!