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Live Bait Available – Open Daily: 7:30 am – 9 pm

Don’t Mind the Mess – New Store Coming Soon!
We are currently under construction, but are still committed to providing the best service to our general store customers. During construction, we remain open! Live bait, fish & tackle supplies, as well as custom Great Escape Cabins apparel, is all available for purchase. We are also an authorized hunting and fishing licence issuer!

Our general store carries a wide variety of products and supplies. This is also the spot to check-in upon arrival, and sign our guest book.

Furthermore, the store serves as our bait shop. We carry live bait year-round, but the variety of bait changes throughout the seasons. During the summer our bait includes minnows (chubs and days), leeches and worms. During the winter we carry shiners and pinheads (minnows). Our stock is always fresh and healthy.

Did you forget your toothbrush? No problem. We carry a wide range of personal care products, coffee, camp supplies such as bug spray and Afterbite. During the summer we also carry fishing supplies, cooking oil and fish crisp to guarantee you have a tasty fish fry after a day out on the water. In the winter our stock includes ice fishing supplies, and snowmobile supplies such as helmet cords, oil and Seafoam.

Rainy day? We have you covered! Our lending library is stocked with DVD’s, books and board games for all ages.

Just for Kids
Explore nature to its fullest on your next hike with our scavenger hunt pages. Multiple age levels and free to borrow!

Is your child crafty? We have a variety of craft kits for sale in the store.

Upon your arrival, be sure to stop in at the general store, as it also serves as our office for guests to check-in.

Have question about our general store, be sure to contact us or click here for direction to our general store

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