Planning for a Cabin Vacation

See What is Supplied Already
Be sure to call ahead and see what the resort owner’s supply. Here at Great Escape Cabins we supply all the bedding, towels, toilet paper, dish soap, paper towel, and even facial tissue. However, it’s important to note that not all resorts operate this way. Some resorts request you bring your own bedding and towels, while others will supply those items. Some resorts even request you bring your own cleaning supplies. It’s important to call ahead and clarify before departing on your vacation getaway.

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Capture the Moments
In today’s modern world, everyone carries a phone. With all the beauty surrounding a cabin vacation, it’s important to remember this item, as you will want to capture all the amazing memories you create. An even more important item is your cell phone charger! When going out on a full day fishing trip, you’ll want to ensure that your phone is fully charged and ready to snap a picture of your big catch!

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Leisure Activities
Rainy day activities are important, especially with little ones in tow. Here at Great Escape Cabins, we provide a free lending library for use to our guests, including books, movies and board games. However, not all resorts offer this and therefore you may end up stuck in a boredom funk if the rain sets in. Cozy up to a nice book as you listen to the rain pitter-patter on the roof or start a board game with friends to help pass the time.

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Active Activities
Taking the family on vacation? It’s important to book a cabin at a resort that is family friendly. At Great Escape Cabins we have a 1600 sq. ft. playground, perfect for children of all ages. We also offer nature scavenger hunts, free craft kits, and age appropriate games and movies at our lending library. Children thrive in the outdoors, and love to play and immerse themselves in nature, so call ahead to ensure that the resort you are looking to reserve will be a good fit for all members of your family.

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Pet Friendly Cabin Resort
Including your furry friend in your adventures? Unfortunately, not all resorts are pet friendly. Be sure to confirm this before booking a vacation to avoid disappointment and headaches later. Here at Great Escape Cabins, we are a pet friendly resort. We simply request that owner’s keep their dogs on a leash at all times while outside, and clean up after their pet. We charge a small daily fee to cover extra cleaning costs. Before booking a resort, ask about their pet policy and what it includes.

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Resort owners don’t mind the phone calls filled with questions. It’s best to always double check! Have questions about your cabin vacation at Great Escape Cabins? Give us a call at 705-978-0899

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