Fishing in the Fall: Top 3 Benefits

Fishing in the spring and summer is always a hit among recreational fishermen. Fishing in the fall time can certainly have its benefits too.  Read below to find out why fishing in the fall should also be considered in your annual fishing trips.

french river fishing
  1. The Colours
    During the autumn months, Northern Ontario has some of the most breathtaking displays of colour on its trees. Surrounded by this beautiful scenery while out on the water is a very tranquil experience. This also provides anglers with a great opportunity to capture some amazing photos.
  2. The Quiet
    The waterways can be very busy and chaotic in the summer months, but this quickly dissipates as fall weather sets in. Bundle up in some extra layers and enjoy the space and quiet of the open water. Less people also mean more chances to catch “the big one”.
  3. The Trophy Fish
    As the temperatures start to cool, the fish are looking to stock up on food to prepare for the winter months. This means that there are more opportunities to catch a trophy size fish. Who doesn’t want to go home with stories of reeling in a giant?!

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