Enjoy your vacation time camping in one of the best spots in the French River area. With stunning views of the Murdock river and cabins below, our campers can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature in our fully equipped, trailer only sites.

Seasonal: $2,400.00 + HST (May Long Weekend to Thanksgiving Weekend) *SEASONAL CAMPSITES ARE CURRENTLY FULL FOR THE 2022 SEASON*

“Our trailer has been parked at their full-service campground for the summer, and it has been the BEST SUMMER EVER!! They have room for several tents or trailers (with reliable hydro, water, and septic hookups for each) on a big grassy spot carved out of the hillside and surrounded by nothing but trees, butterflies and stars! The “open concept” site is cozy and friendly, but we still felt like we had plenty of privacy as other campers came and went. As we continue to get to know the area, we are grateful to have found such a true gem! And we are happy to recommend this spot to anyone looking for a quiet, no-nonsense, fun and relaxing get-away!”
Libbie Chenier, August 2019, Google

Campfire wood is available at the head office.

french river camping

Camp Fire Safety Tips and Building a Fire:

  • Make sure you have a source of water or shovel near by
  • Never cut the wood in the forest around your campsite. Instead, use tinder (small twigs), kindling (sticks 1″ or smaller) and larger pieces of wood.
  • Pile up some tinder in the center of the fire pit
  • Build a teepee with the kindling over your tinder
  • Light the tinder with a match or lighter
  • Add more tinder as the fire grows
  • Blow at the base of the fire
  • Add more kindling as needed
  • Start adding in the larger firewood to keep your camp fire going
  • Always keep your fire small and under control

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